TopShop Lands in NYC…But I Have a Question

j. lo marc anthonydebbie harry

Here are a couple of photos from last night’s shopping event with J.Lo, Marc Anthony and Debbie Harry. I heard that J.Hud performed, Perez Hilton says Kate Moss got sloppy drunk. Sounds like a good time, but upon more thought, I might have to agree with my girl, Bangsandabun, TopShop might be the devil in a Prada knockoff.

Think about it, half the fun of shopping in NYC are the little boutique where no one else can buy the dress you “found.” But what if TopShop makes that dress and it’s much less expensive than the jawn in the boutique? The boutique goes out of business and we all end up looking alike. Some have said that the TopShop effect will go the way of H&M when  that chain first hit the states a few years ago. Everyone intially ransacked their racks, but then US audiences got used to their merchandise and things went back to normal. But I disagree with this idea. TopShop, as I said yesterday, has a MUCH better selection than H&M with a Target-style designer for less approach with Kate Moss’ line. So it will be interesting to see NYC’s Broadway high street, as they say in London, and TopShop’s effect in maybe one year’s time. Thoughts?

Still, I want to go to the store, just to see…but I’m scared.

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