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Unfilled Fetish

Image and video hosting by TinyPicI gotta beef. I can’t find shoes here. And it’s driving me insane. That isn’t totally true. I still have all my marbles and I have purchased a few pair of shoes since I have arrived but if you look at the ratio between the amount of time I have spent looking for shoes and the number of shoes I have actually bought its sad – especially for a girl like me who L-O-V-E-S her kicks. Time and time again I go on endless searches for new pair of soles and more often than not I end up returning home empty-handed with nothing to show for my efforts.
I am a size 10 and in America that isn’t seen as odd but here I’m an anomaly. I have seen shop girls hold back squeals of laughter when I tell them my size. It makes sense when the average height of man is just about 5’8’’ which means the nenas (girls) are pushing 5’5’’ and foot sizes are around 37, 38. I am not hating on the shorties but with the lack of Bigfoots, the tiendas (shops) don’t stock so many 41’s if any at all.

Its torture to be stopped in your tracks by a gorgeous pair of shoes that you decide at that moment you must have and will spend your last dime to get. But price isn’t an issue in my case, it’s the size that matters.

Take this week for instance. I decided with the onset of spring and an upcoming wedding I am attending it was a perfect excuse to update my shoe collection. I hit the normal spots… Glam, Casas, Vialas, Bimba & Lola, etc. with my fingers and toes crossed that I would find SOMETHING. These stores I frequent not because they carry my size (most of the time it’s the opposite) but the sales girls in various cases have gone above and beyond the call of duty to find that one size 41 for me and if there is one to be had, they will be the ones that hunt it down for me. They know me and they know my plight. Nevertheless, a week worth of shopping has left me feeling defeated and my footsies bare. However it’s only the beginning of spring and the wedding isn’t for a few a weeks. I am hopeful that I will encounter a pair that tickles my fancy and fits my feet. But, if all else fails, there is always E-Bay.

-Espana Fly

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