Wait! But I’m A Citizen…

We all know of the rampant clusterfucks that the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency manages to itself into, especially in our western states where a large majority of Mexican and Central American immigrants, legal and illegal reside. Since violence south of the border has been spilling over as of late, raids on homes, factories and other hubs of immigrant life are becoming more constant—as well as the holding and deporting of legal U.S. citizens in the process.

The LA Times takes another look at the issue, starting with the story of Rennison Vern Castillo:

Rennison Vern Castillo thought his legal troubles were nearly over at the end of a jail stay for harassing his ex-girlfriend. But then a U.S. immigration hold order blocked his release.

“They think you’re here illegally,” a jailhouse guard said to him. ..

Castillo, mystified, insisted it was all a mistake. Though born in Belize, he had come of age in South Los Angeles, spoke fluent English, served a stint in the Army and had become an American citizen about seven years earlier.

He had some legal problems, but being in the country unlawfully was not one of them. Castillo said he wasn’t worried — not until he was shackled and transferred to a federal detention center. He spent months in custody before an appeals panel blocked his deportation and an immigration judge finally ordered Castillo set free.

Really ICE? Read More over at the LAT.

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