What’s So Special About the Ladies Room?

Our boy Anslem, who also blogs under the name NakedWithSocksOn, made me laugh in a piece he did with Essence.com called “What He Really Wants.” In it, a dude named Jesus asks the age old question:

Why do women always go to the bathroom together?” —Jesus, 30, single

Anslem says: It’s not two (or more) women going to the bathroom at the same time that’s confusing; it’s the fact that most of y’all specifically ask for the escort. Are you afraid to go by yourself? Do you need help unzipping something? Are you talking about us? Men are clueless about the fascination with sharing the bathroom experience because our restroom dealings are direct and to the point. You go in, handle your business and exit as soon as possible without making eye contact or talking to anyone—ever! What’s so special about the ladies’ room?

LOL! Well, outside of Klymaxx, I don’t know about you but sometimes it’s nice to regroup if you’re on a double date. Or the lines for ladies restrooms are crazy long, so it’s nice to have someone to talk to while you’re waiting to pee.

Why do you go to the restroom in groups- if you do?

image via uiowa

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