When Keeping It Real Goes Plies: “Goonette”

Horrible name aside (because really, I’m too tired to address it), I was feeling Plies when he introduced us to Terri: she’s a little person, single mother with two kids, independent with a fiery personality…who strips.  Or as the video says, “she’s a rare breed.” I’m all about dropping it to make dollars because strippers need love too, you kinda have to respect anyone who can climb to the top of a metal pole, come down with one leg and manage to look sexy at the same time in platform heels. That’s not slutty, that’s great physical shape, and from the looks of it, Terri is making dollars. So while I respect Terri for what she has accomplished, I can’t help put wonder what exactly are Plies’ intentions – especially when an advertisement for his album runs for most of the length of the trailer. Terri says that she “don’t care if they see me as a sideshow freak”, but I can’t help but wonder, is a “Goonette” really a step up?

ps. I love the ‘Lo shirt Plies is rocking…heyyyyy Algernod!!!

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