Afternoon Tea 5.01.09

Kelis has filed for a divorce.  Smh. You just never know people. {Bossip}

Aqua Teen Hunger Force in live action?  Hmmm. T-Pain as Frylock?  Hmmm.  Keep talking, I’m interested. {Vulture}

Mexican police arrested suspected drug boss Gregorio Sauceda Camboa.  Supposedly he’s on of the leaders of the Los Zetas, a gang made up of former army officers.  Guillermo del Toro better make a movie out of this shit. {BBC}

Chrysler took the deal, Fiat is the failing American car company’s new partner. {NYT}

Bobbi is tripping because it’s May already! Cherish the summer people!  Winter will be back before we know it.

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