Afternoon Tea 5.12.09


Rihanna’s got a new song with (ugh) Lady Gaga called “Silly Boy“. It’s Autotunolicious and obvs is about Chris losing a good thing. {Jez}

Michelle Williams and hottie Ryan Gosling will be staring in a new indie drama about a couple who’s marriage is on the rocks, remembering the good times called Blue Valentine.  If they are any scenes where they kiss and paw at each other in the rain, I am there! {Vulture}

The Taliban set its sights on a strategic Afghan city east of Kabul today, when eleven suicide bombers attacked government buildings in the Khost province. {NPR}

Apparently the world cocaine market is “in retreat.” I’m a little confused as to why.  The Serious Organized Crime Agency or Soca suggests it’s due to their operations around the world, specifically in South America and the Caribbean. {BBC}

Bobbi is off to a late start AGAIN!!  Wah waah.

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