Afternoon Tea 5.13.09

Slumdog starlet and Hollywood it girl Freida Pinto is the next Estee Lauder spokesperson along with Elizabeth Banks and Evangeline Lilly. {Fashionista}

The Pope’s in Israel right now and he’s urging for the economic embargo to be dropped in the Gaza strip and is pushing for a Palestinian state. {NYT}

Intel got a huge 1.45 Billion fine by the European Commission for illegal rebates used to “squeeze out” it’s competitor, AMD. It turns out Intel was paying computer makers to postbone or can plans to use AMD chips in their products. {WashPo}

An attack on a Sri Lanka hospital in Mullivaikal has left at least 50 people dead. {AJ}

Uh oh. I am sucked in to Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker.

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