Afternoon Tea 5.15.09

French Vogue’s new swimwear spread is pretty tuff.  Hot chick kicking cowboy ass in the middle of the desert in bathing suits that I want but can’t afford.  {Jez}

The Mexican government’s census data shows a vast decline in the number of Mexicans migrating to the U.S.  The American dream is over. {NYT}

Kate Moss does everything!  Top Shop, autobiography, cocaine (kidding!!), singing.  She recently provided vocals for the Lemonheads track “Dirty Robot.”  Take a listen on the Dazed Digital playlist along with songs from The Lonely Island, Jarvis Cocker, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson and more. {Dazed via theCut}

The Pakistan army has lifted a curfew over the Swat valley so that civilians can get the fuck out of there.  They have eight hours to pack up their shit and go and then the Pakistani army has plans to find and get rid of the Taliban “militants who have largely controlled the area for months.” {BBC}

Sunny days, chasing the clouds away!  Bobbi is psyched to see the sun shining again. Have a great weekend ladies.

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