Afternoon Tea 5.20.09

There’s a map of how HIV spread across Europe, blaming holiday travelers. Hm…
Greece, Portugal, Serbia and Spain
Both exporters and importers: Israel, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK Importers: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany and Luxembourg [BBC]

It’s going down at an Catholic school in Ireland where reporters say that both boys and girls were routined raped and beaten. Yikes. [G]

Yesterday, T.I. supposedly got two months…but now the authorities have clarified and said the rapper’s been credited for the 305 days on house arrest he’s already served + anyone sentenced to a year in jail can be eligible for shave off 15% of their time with good behavior. Long story short, TIP’s still going to the big house, maybe not for one whole year, but he’s going. [MTV]

I think Quentin Tarrantino changed the end of WWII with his new Brad Pitt-led film, Inglorious Basterds[AP]

Hey ladies! *waves* I’m back from DR…and can I say NEVER GO TO PUERTO PLATA’s SUN VILLAGE RESORT? IT’S THE WORST AND SUCKS DONKEY BALLS. Good advice from me to you.

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