Afternoon Tea 5.22.09

This is eerie. {TMZ}

Obama stays in the hot seat.  The US President is facing some challenges regarding his national security strategy.  He has to convince the right that bringing terrorism suspects to prisons in America will not lead to any danger to the general public.  He also has to convince the left that his policies have a much higher regard for human life than Bush’s. {NYT}

Kanye and Amber Rose are splitsville.  It seemse she wanted a hustler homie, which is why she was trying to sneak around with Cassidy on the DL.  Ye had to squash it.  {B}

I think I found my Saturday Night Party song.  Producer Thin White Duke just touched up Sneaky Sound System’s “It’s Not My Problem.” And that’s sort of how I feel today.  Download it. {RCRD LBL}

Malawi’s new President Bingu wa Mutharika, 75, was inaugurated for the second time after winning the majority vote by a landslide. This poll comes after a five-year dispute with Mutharika and former President Bakili Mulizi. {BBC}

Hey ladies.  Enjoy your weekend.  I’ll be the one shaking your margarita’s behind the bar while you’re having  a great time on the other time.  If you go out, don’t forget to tip your bartenders.

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