Afternoon Tea 5.26.09

Cali’s ruling on proposition 8, the measure to ban same-sex marriage, is due today. {CNN}

Welcome South Africa to the recession. With 40 percent of the workforce unemployed and 6.4 growth drop, it’s SA’s first recession since apartheid. {AFP}

While masses of civilians were able to escape Pakistan’s Swat valley—where the military is fighting the Taliban—before the curfew, 200,000 residents still remain. Human Rights Watch is urging the military to lift the curfew and get food, water and medicine to the people trapped in Swat valley. {AJ}

Between the drug wars and the swine flu, Mexico’s tourism industry has been beaten down. Vacation packages are falling and I am logging on to right now! Vamos a Mexico. {CNN}

Your boyfriend will love American Apparel’s new assless tights. Pic after the jump, be careful. {theCut}


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