Afternoon Tea 5.5.09

The White Stripes’ Meg White is marrying Jackson Smith, son of punk icon Patti Smith. I wish Patti Smith could be my mother-in-law. All the boys in Williamsburg, BK are crying right now. {Vulture}

Around 70 Mexicans have been quarantined in China due to fears of Swine flu. They are shippin’ ’em out today. I don’t know what to say. {BBC}

Georgia is obviously not over last year’s scrapes with Russia. G blamed a recent mutiny at an army base on R’s plan to “disrupt Nato military exercises set to begin tomorrow in Georgia.” {G}

Kid Cudi says three stacks and Lily Allen both rejected his request for collaborations. Too bad I would have liked to hear a track with André 3000. {Swarm}

Bobbi got stuck watching this video on three men in the UK who were wrongly convicted for heinous crimes. The system screwed these dudes up. Happy Cinco de Mayo.

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