Afternoon Tea 5.7.09

Michael Jackson’s former publicist Raymone Bain is suing the pop king for $44 million, claiming that he never paid her.  Bain backed him up during the 2005 child sex abuse case.  Bet she feels like a fool.  Love this pic of MJ. {MTV}

In Malaysia more than 300 dogs were left on uninhabited islands.  After weeks without food, they’ve resorted to eating each other.  It really is a dog-eat-dog world.  I am going to hell aren’t I? {BBC}

Whoever said being pretty doesn’t get you far?  Kate Moss is getting £ million to write her autobiography. {the Cut}

Afghans are pissed about the US air strike that left dozens of civilians dead is Farah.   They’ve staged a protests, throwing stones at government officials in the province capital.  {AJ}

Yay! Drop the Lime is playing at Music Hall of Williamsburg(in BK) tonight!

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