Afternoon Tea 5.8.09


Check out Playboy’s first African Playmate of the Year, Tanzanian-born Ida Ljungavist. {Autumn}

I’m confused. It’s Lil’ Wayne singing on a Britney Spears (circa Blackout album) style beats. Give it a listen. {PMA}

The scandal surrounding Italy’s PM Silvio Berlusconi and his wife is turning into the perfect script for a Lifetime original movie! After she very publicly accused him of having an affair with a minor, he went on TV to clear the air, saying that she lied and accusing the left wing opposition of influencing her. Really dude? Really? {NPR}

The Guardian’s put out their Sounds of Summer festival guide again! I’m always torn between UK and NYC summers. {G}

It’s gorgeous out in NYC today! And I have to work tonight. ABOO.

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