And the Award for Best Prison Sentence PR Goes to…

I have been observing T.I.’s countdown to his one-year prison sentence for a few months now, and I must say that I’m pretty impressed.  In addition to his “Road to Redemption” show on MTV, PSAs, and countless interviews, he most recently ran a post on the Huffington Post where he called for an end to gun violence.  Last Tuesday, he joined Rev. Sharpton, Russell Simmons Kevin Liles and several community organizations in Harlem to speak out against gun violence.

What a clever, and responsible way to go out, Tip.  I look forward to your swift return next year. I just hope that this truly more than a PR campaign.

So in honor of his award, check out a few of T.I.’s best PR moments here:

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T.I. Recording a PSA on MTV’s “Road to Redemption”

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T.I. and Sharpton Last Week in Harlem

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