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Ciara Does The Migraine Skank

The latest dance craze in clubs up and down the country is the “Migraine Skank”. The track’s produced by Nappa Man — but as yet there’s no official video. No need when you’ve got Youtube… and Ciara. Ciara popped in to see my boy DJ MistaJam over at BBC Radio 1 to do an interview, Nappa happened to be in the building so taught her the dance. Check out the Youtube post above.

Below is a “tutorial” on how to do the dance. About 2’30” in, he does the full dance. Try and ignore his terrible blue jacket, giving we Brits a bad fashion name! Anyway — when you’re in a rave full of people doing the dance, it’s hilarious. Especially after a couple rum and cokes. Hurry up with the official video Nappa!

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