Costume Institute Gala Candy

andre leon talley

Here’s kAMye and our fashion godfather, André Leon Talley at the Costume Institute Gala. Check out my fave outfits after the jump…including Serena from Gossip Girl looking amazing. 

blake livelyiman

That split is fierce! really striking…and of course Iman is flawless, as always.

gisellekate moss marc jacobs

Giselle’s sequins are so timely and the length sets her apart from all of the other gowns at the partay- same with Kate Moss…though the turban I could do without. And didn’t Marc get married? Where’s his husband? Hm…

Here are my NO! picks, sigh:


wtf Madge?


This reminds me of 101 Dalmations for some reason. Can’t explain it but I’m not loving it.


I’m not totally against this because I enjoy the playful nature of a girlie tux at a evening gown-ready event…however, I can’t get with the 80’s-shoulder-pads-on-steroids movement. Damn you Posh Spice for starting this mess…and damn Rihanna and Beyoncé for perpetuating the madness. smh…

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