Def Jam’s Fancy Showcase and Kanye’s Bootlegged “Paranoid” video

rihanna and jesse beiber

I guess I might as well use this leaked clip as an in to talk about the Def Jam showcase I attended last night on NYC’s west side with Gina Montana, Lowkey (who was smart enough to leak this video, lol) and timm.

Ultimately, of the artists that were introduced, a new British band, who’ve actually been together for five years, The Noisettes, killed it. They are a four person band with a kick-ass lead singer, who’s a beautiful black female named Shingai Shoniwa who can play the guitar and has a penchant for musical theater (she climbed a ladder on the stage during her performance- timm and I were praying she didn’t fall). Needless to say, I was in love immediately. Actually, I asked you ladies who was down to go to their free concert with me like last week? No love girls, no love.

(btw: Kanye’s “Paranoid” after the jump)

Back to the Kanye clip which used to be above, LA Reid introduced it and here’s my response in the audience to my boy who works at IDJ:

Reid says its a surprise, the star of the video…

IDJ buddy: Wait till you see who is it…

Me: Amber Rose? Wifey?

IDJ Buddy: *shakes head*

Me: If its Riri, ya’ll are cheap.

IDJ Buddy: Why you say that?

Me: Because you own her, you probably don’t even have to pay her to be in it…plus you’re using her celebrity after her incident. That’s still weirdly vulture-esque…

*video plays, totally is Riri*

Me: Ya’ll are cheap.

Hm…there’s also a new kid named Justin Beiber (pictured above with Rihanna)- brought to Def Jam by Usher – who’s trying to steal Jesse McCartney’s spot in the teenage white girl wasteland. I actually liked his little pop song, think it was called “One Time” or something. Only problem is he looks like a baby lesbian, specifically Shane from The L Word (RIP). Like really looks like her. Weird. Like I told my boy over at IDJ, they better butch him up quick because that ish is a problem.

l word partyjustin beiber

from L-R Marli Matin, Katherine Moening aka Shane from the L Word, Justin Beiber. Am I wrong?

What else…LA played a new track by Mariah Carey and the Dream called “H.a.t.e. You (I can’t wait to hate you).” It’ll be from her forth-coming album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. Like I said before, put her album out before we’re all over Dream’s “ella ella eh eh” steez. RUN Mariah! RUN! lol…

LA premiered The Dream’s “Walking on the Moon” though I’m hands down for releasing “Fancy” as the next single. Not to mention, the video is t’orrible (that’s terrible and horrible mixed together ;0). Watch when they finally release it at your own risk…

Sorry LowKey…

Rihanna was also there. She looked amazing as usual. Island Def Jam Chairman LA Reid gave her a plaque for selling a ton of records…only thing is it was weird looking at her because she kinda sold the bulk of those records as a result of the incident with Chris Brown just before Grammy night. We were celebrating her getting abused and receiving insane stardom because of it? Kinda…of course she didn’t say anything to the packed crowd of industry professionals including cranky radio people, flossy fashion folks and fussy editors. I maintain that when she does finally speak it better be the ‘come to jesus’ speech we’re all expecting or I, along with a zillion mothers of teenaged daughters that follow Rihanna’s every move, will be totally disappointed and realize once and for all that Riri is vapid. Great pop song and nann else…that would be sad.

Those were the highpoints…thought I’d share. Are you ladies interested in anyone I mentioned?

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