Et tu ManRam? Wow…just wow.

I usually love Twitter. Quick bursts of information and opinion from friends and news sources. Today? Not so much.

On my way from being waxed into eternity, I happened to check it on my phone.

This from ESPN:
Report: Manny Ramirez of Los Angeles Dodgers tests positive for PEDs, will be suspended 50 games –

I physically shook in the street. Almost took a knee. Manny? My favorite player since the days of cutting school to go watch him play at GW High School? Manny? Who I loved in spite of him playing for the team I hated the most for eight years? Manny? Wow.

It was like I got caught on the sauce for a minute there. It hurt. Seriously. Like I realize today I might be too much into this sports thing, because this news should not rank where it is in the grand scheme of my life.

When Canseco made his comments about why he thought Manny didn’t get a deal this winter, I was blown. He’s been 8 for 8 so far on big names getting called out, and I wanted him to be 8 for 9. Not my Manny. He’s a hometown guy. Our birthdays are a day apart. He’s super nice. Not Manny.

I guess its true what they say about succumbing to the pressure to perform and succeed in the big leagues. I just wish he hadn’t resorted to the sauce to do it.

At least we know why he was so nonchalant when asked for an opinion about A-Fraud. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone right?

There is no more happy go lucky Manny for me. No more Manny being Manny, or Mannywood, or any other joke filled moniker. He has been miraculously transformed into a poser who needed to cheat to be great. I know, we shouldn’t judge, but damn. How many years did I spend marveling at him being a hitting savant. Turns out he was most likely a doubles savant at best. Sad.

This tarnishes baseball for me. I definitely won’t be watching any games today, or tomorrow, or next week.

The Dodgers and the Cardinals were my entertainment while the Yankees started the season off as bottom feeders. Now? Yeah no. I just can’t.

This too will pass, just not today.

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  • GuywithGlasses

    Blame Bud Selig. Steriods in Baseball is really his fault, because baseball was years behind all of the other major sports when it came to enforcing PEDs.

  • Sportie

    Selig can take the blame for allowing this to happen and go this far, but these are grown assed men who should know right from wrong. This is just ugly all around.

  • GuywithGlasses

    Understand that from a moral point of view its a right or wrong, black and white issue. However from the perspective of baseball commission, they left a lot of drugs that every other sport had already banned in the grey zone.

    everyone banned anabolic steriods years ago, but all of the protein builders and blood doping agents weren’t clear cut performance enhancers to the baseball guys. Its the reason everyone shit a brick when Macguire said he was taking every pill in the book, because it wasn’t “banned”.

    oh well. i still maintain my theory that the last great baseball player not on the juice was Ken Griffey.