Friday Fun…But Really?

This is why I need to stop visiting Fresh when I’m supposed to be working. Seriously, I heart that girl. Anyway, check out your boy with his own rendition of Soulja Boy’s “Turn My Swag On”, with a big ole’ gay twist….”Turn My Fag On”. While I’ve been known to kiki it up with the kids on a regular basis and screamed like a Yeti laughing when I saw this (when he pulls out the scarf…hilarious), the smart-girl in me can’t help but wonder if this is actually two steps forward or back? Or is it just entertainment?

Gratuitous usage of the word “fag” alone in a public context stirs up the ongoing “nigger/nigga” debate…is it okay to use it amongst your own and if so, can you get mad when you get called a “fag” in a non-familiar context? The same could be said for “dyke”, “cunt”, and “sissie” among others. Once it’s muttered outside the house, is it ok for everyone to use it, and if so how should one react?

Thoughts Fam?

ps. Don’t deny your inner “owww” ladies. It’s Friday.

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