Habana Outpost…LA?

So it seems that Habana Outpost, the newish-years old Ft. Greene, Brooklyn outdoor haunt and cousin of Nolita’s Cafe Habana is making it’s way to the wessside very soon. According to YoBeat: “Sean is taking his message and his brand further. Further being the West coast. After spending time in the Los Angeles community, Sean found a niche for himself, his food, and his message. He is set to open both a Cafe Habana and a Habana Outpost on the west-side in the coming months.”

Oh great. I can’t even front, I used to (and still do) LOVE hanging out on the corner, eating massive amounts of grilled corn and downing frozen margaritas, but after experiencing a hood-tastic spontaneous car and motorcycle show and witnessed a stiletto fueled meat-market a few weekends ago, I was over it. I almost miss the Maclaren stroller mafia. Hopefully the weekday movie nights make a comeback and I can claim my favorite table in the back and enjoy some summer mojito love. Get ready LA, this might be the spot to hit after going to the The Do-Over. See you there!

Thanks Dionne! (Our commentors rock.)

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