I’m Sayin’ with Chloé and Hills!: Are Public Vaginas Public Domain?

Helloooooo ladies and welcome back to another edition of I’m Sayin Radio with Chloé and Hills! We were going to talk about hip-hop but then the entire worlds’ vaginas popped up online sooooo we decided to talk about that instead! Interestingly, the question became, are public vaginas public domain? Meaning, if someone’s private parts become public, is it a) OK to re-post the pics on random blogs and b) who leaked these pictures in the first place? and c) does this mean Cassie and Rihanna are going to sell more records now?


Listen below for our conclusion and stay tuned next (and every) Sunday at 10:30pm est at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/im-sayin-radio for the “Best of” including our interview about holistic vs. standard medicine and pornstar Roxy Reynolds fellating a caller over the phone. Yes, you read that right. Til’ next time ladies!

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