Throwback: The Jets’ ‘You Got It All’

heart. Man, I used to LOVE the Jets. LOVE them … and their slow jam “You Got It All.” Any other Jets fans out there? Go family groups! Tongan love! More below!

The Jets – “Crush on You”

The Jets – “Make It Real”

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  • Yes! And You Got It All was my fave song!

  • i STILL jam to “crush on you” on a regular basis.

  • yeah man, the jets were awesome. wow, that’s back in my menudo days with my black rubber bracelets.

  • the jets were the bomb! classic 80’s music. and i loved their hair. all of them not just on the girls

  • Alysha

    I loved the Jets! The whole album with the exception of 2 or 3 errant songs, was great. I loved the hair, the clothes, I wanted to be them. The musings of a then 10 year old girl.