Kate And Peter: The End

Surgically enhanced glamour-girl-cum-reality-TV-star-cum-businesswoman Katie Price, and her husband Peter Andre are apparently heading down the same road as Nas and Kelis. They’re parting ways. Katie Price used to be known as Jordan — she was famous for getting her tits out in magazines and newspapers. And got stinking rich from it.

Then she met her husband Peter in “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here”. He was a former one-hit-wonder… who became famous in the 90s for his song Mysterious Girl.

Anyway — they hooked up, got married, had two kids and for the last four years have had a reality-TV show based on their marriage. Their love seemed to real, so deep, so true! We were all rooting for them! We believed they’d be together forever!   But alas, can anyone say Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica? Or Carmen and Dave: An MTV Love Story? More like Til reality-TV due us part. Sigh.

Not even the fake tan could keep them together. Is nothing sacred?! Another one bites the dust.   Sigh.

-Miss London

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