Kenyan Kulture: December 31st 2009…is Coming

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I usually get glorious spiritual realizations after an inspirational drink (preferably vodka, tonic, and a slice of lime) and the other day my epiphany smacked me in the face.

The year is over!

Where is the year racing to? We are already in May and the thought of the year ending makes me want to bury my head in the sand. Why? You might wonder since this is our first meeting. Let me not get ahead of myself , I’m Sheila by the way, a radio host based in Nairobi, Kenya.

I’ll be sharing my two cents here on Parlour about what I like to call Kenyan Kulture; fashion, politics, music, art and my life. And speaking of my life, back to my crisis, let me break it down:

Baby girl is not ready to celebrate her birthday this year. Let’s just say I’m moving up a notch on the age bracket list. You know how they group them on important forms; 18 and below, 19-25 years and so on? Well I’m moving to the next group and please don’t expect me to spill the exact number. A lady never tells.

Then comes this wicked thing in my life called politics. Honestly, if I had a choice, I would put all politicians except the big O (Obama) in a box and ship them off to a place never to be heard from again. Here in Kenya, you might remember about two years ago, our nation was on the brink of collapse because of what was seen as stolen elections. It was an ugly time that saw Kenyans turn against each other in the most inhumane ways possible. For example, in my neighborhood alone, gun shots filled the air at night, and the streets were deserted during the day.

Now Kofi Annan, the former United Nation Secretary General, called on the top leaders , the Prime minister and President to unite the people, who were torn apart along tribal lines. But we Kenyans all know when it comes to the nation’s interest, our politicians have a memory span of warthog. The public servants are only there to fend for themselves and the idiots (pardon my French) have already started campaigning for the next polls, which are not next week, or next month, or even next year, but the year 2012!

If this year ends before we get the major reforms then the violence we saw in the last polls may return.

Away from the frustrating political scene , in my country, we have over 50 local tribes which are different cultural groups with diverse histories, beliefs and even languages. I come from a tribe called the Luo, pronounced Loo-wo. We’re primarily known for our pride, our love for life’s finer things and then how much we like to brag about them, lol. When it comes to our education we go the whole nine yards.

In fact, I have an educational dilemma that is directly connected to my age issue, and why I don’t want the year to end. I haven’t yet gone for my masters degree and time is running out. I made a new year’s resolution that this would be the year that I complete my chosen program.

And last but not least, the man in my life is not the prince charming I once thought he was, but I guess a glass of vodka with some tonic and a slice of lime could fix that…and who knows maybe I’ll get another uplifting realization. 🙂


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