Brasilerinha: Larissa as The Most Beautiful Brazilian

missbrasil09_floridoThe 55th Annual Miss Brazil contest took place on May 9 at the Memorial of Latin America in Sao Paulo.  Twenty-seven candidates participated in this year’s contest, themed “Brazil’s Natural Wealth.”  The winner was Larissa Costa de Oliveira Silva, Miss Rio Grande do Norte 25.  She was followed by Rayanne Morais of Minas Gerais and Denise Ribeiro from Distrito Federal.
As the winner, Larissa received R$ 200 thousand (two hundred thousand reais) in contracts for work, a car, jewels and clothes. She will also represent Brazil in the Miss Universe pageant, scheduled to take place August 23 in the Bahamas.
This beauty pageant used to be a landmark event: the whole country stopped to watch the show but, today, it has a little importance. Many people think that beauty contests are too futile to waste time watching it.
And although it’s supposed to be a serious event, the producers could have done a better job in selecting the judges. Many of them had no experience to elect a Miss. There were some judges who deserved to be there, like fashion designers, fashionable consultants etc…  But then there were singers, political journalists and others who know nothing about judging a beauty pageant.  The majority of people I spoke with thought the result was unfair. Had they selected better judges, the result would have been different.  Personally I was rooting for Miss Minas Gerais (she was beautiful and intelligent and has great class), but  I think Larissa will do a fine job representing Brazilian beauty.

Good luck to her!

“Brasil, meu Brasil brasileiro… “

-Luciana Sabbag…the “Brasileirinha”, is from a land of samba and tambourine. That place you know because of football, the carnival, the feijoada and magnificent beaches. She is a journalist, writer and actress in Brazil. She works with Social Media in a multinational company and, even through the day in the office, she loves the Brazilian happiness and the climate of her country.  People are receptive and warm, so she could not be different: to know distinct people, cultures and nations is her favorite hobby.

You can read more from Brasilerinha by checking out her blog, Lucianasabbag.

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