Mission Accomplished

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Last Friday, May 1st, marked the sixth anniversary of the day George W. Bush announced that the “major combat operations have ended” and that “in the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed.”

Clearly he was wrong, though he tried his best to clean it up. My response then and now? Tell that to the 4284 American soldiers who have died in Iraq, and their 681 counterparts in Afghanistan, and the estimated 668,051 Iraqi civilians and the 7,373 Afghanis who have lost their lives during this conflict.

I’m not gonna preach, ’cause I’ve done that plenty (Smells Like Desperation, Crime and Punishment, Now What), but one way to nudge us toward advocating is to be sure that we don’t forget. It’s especially important now as President Obama continues to lead us into war.

Click here to see the fateful speech. How did you feel when you heard Dubbya make this pronouncement? How do you feel watching Obama expand our war efforts into Afghanistan?


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