Morning Coffee: 05.15.09

LET’S SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT: Who knew that the powers that be at Louis Vuitton keep XXL on their magazine list.  After noticing a pair of counterfeit LV shades on May 09 cover artist Rick Ross, XXL received a nice letter from the company’s legal department.  [The Blay Report]

Chrysler announced yesterday that a quarter of their dealerships will be shutting down by June 9.  [New York Times]

Now that David Geffen has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry, he has his eyes on the media business next.  Newsweek reports that if he has his way, The New York Times will be his next pet project, but not in a traditional sense.  He would make the newspaper a non-profit, operating similar to the St. Petersburg Times which is funded by the Poynter Institute.  I actually like this idea.  Less corporate pressure=more accurate news.  [Newsweek]

The Huffington Post is auctioning an opportunity to intern with them for the summer.  Already bids are up to $13,000.  Really? [Ad Age]

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