Morning Coffee: 5.1.09

Yesterday, Cuban foreign minister, Bruno Rodriguez came out swinging at the US, calling it an “international criminal” after receiving word that the island nation is still lumped in with Syria, Iran, and Sudan on the blacklist of countries that sponsor terrorism. Really? Hmmm, how may times did we try to kill Castro again, lol? At least we didn’t try waterboarding…oh wait…we DO waterboard prisoners! {Merco}

SWINE FLU WATCH ’09 – for some reason that makes me chuckle…anywhoo, it seems that Swine flu is spreading…but slowly, which is good. Wash your hands ladies!! {NYT}

Want to see Ashanti sing “Like Home” this summer during the revival of the musical, The Wiz? Wow. Don’t sound so excited…{WH}

Heeeey! A couple in the UK was caught having sex on the Queen’s Lawn at Windsor Castle. Just try that shit at the White House, lol! {G}

Sooo yesterday I cut off about 9 inches of my hair, it was better than therapy! Happy Friday Laaaaadies!

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