Morning Coffee 5.11.09

A drill (or any other power tool) could’ve started the Santa Barbara wildfires. I promise people just need to start watering more in Cali…because we read about a wildfire EVERY YEAR. How about we be proactive guys? [AP]

Anybody down to see the Noisettes with me tonight??? [BV]

Celtics are still spanking arse. Go Rondo! Go black team and black coach!!!! [MSNBC]

Drake…mainstream white mags even know who he is. I know his major label deal bidding war is NUTS now…kinda like what Santos Partyhouse is like now that NYMag ruined it…thx guys, thx. [NYM]

Soooo…if you haven’t heard by now, photos of Cassie’s vagina (and breasts) along with Rihanna’s boobs (and buttchecks) were leaked. Speculations are swirling as to who leaked what, and if it was all a publicity stunt. What do you think? [CC]

Saw “Star Trek” again last night, and it still rocked. As you were ladies…as you were…


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