Morning Coffee 5.12.09

American journalist Roxana Saberiwas released from prison yesterday – though she was convicted of spying for the US while in Iran. She was given eight years in prison but now she’s getting a two year suspended sentence…so I guess she has to go back to jail? [AP]
I love the BBC’s reports of rando studies around the world; this week- if you’re more intelligent, then you’ll experience a bigger orgasm! LOL… [BBC]
A US solidier killed five of his comrades in Iraq. I don’t know why either…=0( [CNN]
OK, maybe I don’t hate Airtran – they have wi-fi on their planes. BUT I pray this doesn’t mean that people can’t have actual phone conversations on planes (or subways) because that will spell the end of my sanity. [BBJ]

good morning ladies, I’m so sorry that we were down yesterday. Whenever our servers go wack, I honestly have to restrain myself from blood-thirsty destruction- fortunately yesterday no one was harmed. Just your daily candy-esque enjoyment for which I truly apologize. Will you ever forgive me? heart.

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