Morning Coffee: 5.21.09

Think you’ve heard “baby daddy/mama” drama? Think Again. In Texas, a miss Mia Washington cheated on her man and then had twins – resulting in a double conception. That’s right—twin boys with different dads. Real life beats a novela anyday. {NYDN}

Are you a coloured girl who smokes? First, stop–or at least try (and that means YOU Osita!), and then read this article about the effects of Nicotine on those of us with melanin to spare. {NYT}

In Somalia—public amputations for theft and petty crimes are on the rise. Remind me never to “sample” at the market there. {BBC}

With all of the wallet draining goodies on-hand at Target and a fancy ad campaign, it still can’t beat the machine known as Wal-Mart. {FT}

Check out The Guardian’s David Smith as he dotes on the similarities of Africa and America in Letters From Africa. Cape Town is like ‘Frisco? Word! {Guardian}

My beloved taco-trucks are feeling the heat from local health officials around the country. I miss Cali…where else could you get a fresh plate of mole’ y Jarritos Tamarind at 4am..for like $3? {LAT}

Hey Ladies! I’m Back…freshly tanned and still full. It’s amazing how hungry you can get at an all-inclusive hotel….but hamburgers and rum at 3am are not the move—just a piece of advice.

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