Morning Coffee: 5.22.09

Friday Fun! Check out the Frank Lloyd Wright Lego sets that were just debuted. The six-piece collection will include the Guggenheim in NYC, and the “i wish i could live a die here” waterfall-house in Pennsylvania. And the sets are only $45! {Wired}

Steven Green, the 24-year old US soldier convicted of rape and murder in Iraq was spared the death penalty. I wonder if he would be given life in prison if he was an Iraqi that raped and murdered an American. Just a thought. {BBC}

I love it! A couple who applied for a loan at a Westpac bank in New Zealand, walked away instant millionaires when they were paid 10million dollars—by accident. They only applied of $10,000. An international manhunt is on now. {CNN}

Iran believes that it has apprehended the country’s first femal serial killer, who allegedly was inspired by the crime novels of Agatha Christie. {Guardian}

Yesterday it was all about Obama vs. Cheney over the closing of the prison camp at Guantanamo  Bay and the practices of the Bush administration. Le Sigh. {WP}

Another reason I want to eventually move back to the Bay Area—the beach water is super clean! Too bad the water is cold as bricks. {SFGate}

Happy Friday Ladies…are you ready for the 3-day weekend? I’m starting early…like…right now…margarita time! Freelancing is awesome—i think i’m even gonna take a shower before 5pm (don’t hate me, im really fabulous).

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