Morning Coffee: 5.5.09

I am getting more and more into the entire Italian President Berlusconi vs. (his wife) Veronica Lario drama and love it! Imagine if Michelle Obama went to the press like “Barack is totally working my nerves, his ass can’t cook and is spending waay to much time with Desiree!” Crazy, right? {BBC}

Corporations and wealthy jet-setters are sweating bullets now that Obama is presenting new regulations on tax-loopholes with those who do business overseas. {NYT}

It seems like high-school senior Renardo Sidney, who was destined for a full-ride courtesy of USC or UCLA ,was a victim of some serious stage-parents….and both schools dropped their offers. There is always going to college for academics!! {LAT}

Hello iPhone! The Blackberry Curve just murdered you in sales. Keep in mind, they were practically giving them away, lol. {Reuters}

I’m in total agreement with Michael K on this one. Jessica Simpson made the VF cover? Photoshop overload. {DListed}

Oh shit! It’s Cinco de Mayo….even if most Mexicans don’t really celebrate it…I’m making margaritas, fuck-a-swine flu!!! Ps. Welcome home Osita!

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