“Outrage” May Do Just That…For Some

You know the saying that “you should never throw stones in a glass house”? Well after the film OUTRAGE drops, that just might ring true in the ears of some of those sitting on Capitol Hill right now. Filmmaker Kirby Dick takes a look and opens the closet doors on those lawmakers that seek to look down on gay rights, yet creep on the low with the boys to get their rocks off. It was all the rage at the recent Tribeca Film Festival, but it should be made clear that this film is more than just about “outing” Republicans (most of the subjects are…you guessed it…Republican!), as it deals with the hypocrisy of those who are creating and passing/vetoing laws centered around the gay community. I haven’t seen the film but LAist has, check out their review here.

Tsk Tsk boys…just come out!

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