ParlourOnTheRadio: I’m Sayin’ with Chloé and Hills!

And I’m Sayin’ Radio with Chloé and Hills! is back! Last week our show discussed “Are You a Fan of Somali Pirates?” which became “Are You a Fan of what Brooklyn’s Habana Outpost has become?” and “Are You a Fan of South Carolina?” LOL, you know we’re random. I blame Chloe…Anyway, this week, we’re back with “Lies My Parents Told Me” where discussion topics will range from “you’re hands will fall off if you masturbate” to “yes, this is your father.” What crazy things did your parents tell you? We’re addressing the gamut this Sunday at 10:30pm est on at Call in at 646 929 0499 with your stories– we want to hear from YOU!

And listen to last week’s episode of random hilarity and check out our two new vlogs (!!!) below. Sorry Mom.

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