Poras Chaudhary: A Celebration of Color

Here are some photos a buddy sent to me that I thought were really striking. Look at all the colors! It’s amazing. The photographer is Poras Chaudhary, who documented the celebration of color, also known as festival of color or Holi. I wanna go!:

“Born in a small city of Northern India, Poras Chaudhary is a freelance photojournalist and a documentary photographer. Ever since he was a child, Poras has been intrigued by the visual moments, but his passion for photography began in 2005 when he started looking for a good camera and came across the work of Magnum photograhers. Poras is a completely self-taught photographer. He is best know for his color work and unique compositions.

Having started photography in only mid-2005, He won a number of awards including the Digital Camera Magazine’s ‘Photographer of the Year’ award in 2006, National Geographic Traveler’s photo contest Merit Award winner in 2008 as well as being a Runner Up in ‘Epson Color Imaging Contest 2008’.”

Check out more of his stuff here


poras chaudhary

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