Samantha Orobator: Laotian Jail x Mystery Pregnancy

So this young lady, Samantha Orobator, is a 20 year-old British Nigerian who was allegedly caught with 1.5 pounds of heroin in her luggage when leaving Laos after her vacation. She’s been imprisoned since August 2008 and is now five months pregnant. Reports say she hasn’t had any visitors -outside of 20 mins per month w/ the British Authorities – and she hasn’t doesn’t have any legal representation to-date. In addition, the Laotian government keeps changing the date of her trial, which was supposed to be May 4 but was post-poned, in a country where they’ve executed 39 people since 2003. If she’s convicted of drug smuggling, which carries a mandatory death sentence, she – and her baby – will be shot to death by a firing squad.

I don’t know if you did the math…buuuut if you’ve been in jail for nine months, and you’re five months pregnant…and no one knows who the father is and you haven’t had any visitors except for a British authority rep for 20 mins a month..and the ‘government spokesman’ refuses to talk about it…in a prison where inmate brutality is rampant and folks have reported burnt genitals, I’m thinking…she was raped.

What the hey man? I don’t even know what to say other than ask a few questions…

A) Who’s the father?

B) Why was there heroin in your luggage?

C) What the hell?

Am I the only one baffled by all of this?



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