Sex Drive: We’re All Open Books


Clicking through in New York Magazine‘s “Sex and Love Issue” from 2007 (I know I’m really reaching today), I found a slide show of young people talking about how they behave in bed. The photos are beautiful and the people are so open. I flipped through most of the photos with quotes and stumbled upon a picture/quote of a friend of mine, who’s since moved out of New York City. Her quote wasn’t too revealing, but it got me to thinking about how open we all are about sex these days.

There are a million of bloggers more forthcoming than me. These bloggers are willing to take you along with them as they shop for dildos, give blow jobs in public bathrooms, have sex on their periods, have anal for the first time, or fuck two strangers in the same day. And the fact that a writer/photographer—for a major magazine that practically everyone in New York City reads—can walk up to a stranger in a bar and ask about his or her bedside manner and get an honest, candid answer speaks so loudly to this new openness that we now enjoy. I don’t flinch when telling my ex’s best friend that I gave his buddy a BJ in the basement of an Upper East Side mansion. I celebrate that I love having the attention of two men bestowed upon me in bed. And I’m even willing to tell Parlour’s readers that my guy doesn’t want to fuck me.

Why all this honesty?

My guess is that it’s the internet. We’re in the information age now. It seems as though no news is out of reach these days. So, why try to hide it?

And with that, I thought I’d ask my own question, in hopes that readers would be just as forthcoming as the young bar-goers in the above-mentioned article. It’s a question that’s been asked millions of times before, but I always love learning everyone’s answers to it.

What’s your biggest sexual fantasy?

Here, I’ll go first:

My name is Bobbi and I really want to be kidnapped. I want my guy to jump from behind a dark corner while I’m walking home from work, throw a pillow case over my head and carry me kicking and screaming into a van. I want to be blindfolded and tied to a chair with my arms behind my back and my legs tied apart. I want my clothes ripped off and I want to be teased for hours.

Your Turn…

Image + Quote: NY Mag

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