Shopper’s Delight

Image and video hosting by TinyPicGuess what girls? I went to my first official outlet sample sale here and what a rush of adrenaline it was. It’s been approximately 2.5 years since I’ve had the thrilling experience of stripping down to my skivvies in front of total strangers in hopes of finding a bargain deal on designer clothes.

The location: TCN boutique showroom in Plaza Francesc Macia (upper crusty area of Barcelona with lovely boutiques all within a stones throw of my office). The photo below is a shot of the Plaza at night looking southwest down Avenida Diagonal. My office is just behind the big white building.
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TCN, phonetically pronounced Tay, Say, Inay in Spanish began as a revolutionary bikini line designed by Toton Comella in the mid 80`s. The gorgeous ex-model and formerly trained artist was one of the first to use cotton-lycra. This along with her skills for designing comfortable, flattering swimsuits in fun color combos set TCN apart from what was available in Spain at the time. Over the years the TCN label has evolved to include not only body flattering bikinis but stylish lounge wear and beautiful lingerie that can easily be worn at home or out on the street.

I never heard of it before I came here and then was scooped on what it was all about by a friend of mine who is a certified Espanola fashionista. TCN has a cultish following among the women here and the gaggle of bare breasted mujeres (women) trying on every bra, triangle top, halter, and bandeau was proof of that. T-shirts were literally flying through the air. Ninos (children) that had been dragged along by their mommies and or canguros (nanny) were getting lost in piles of PJs that were gathering across the showroom floor. It was a little chaotic but the familiar ambiance was also bit nostalgic for me.

I nestled myself into a corner next to this adorable mother-daughter duo and all three of us wiggled in and out of chosen T’s, jumpers and dresses in between sips of free cava (Spanish champagne). Giddy from the bubbly and shoppers delight we tossed compliments back and forth between each other which amounted to, guapaaa/gorgeous, guapisimaaa/knock-out, alaaa/h-o-t, que bonitooo/beau-ti-ful.

In the end I walked away with a little buzz, a few featherweight knit tops and a cute little spaghetti-strapped day dress that cost me almost what I would have paid for knock-off versions at Zara.

-Espana Fly

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