Someone Needs To Kerrigan This Cat…Seriously

This week, I’m marveling over how any team in the NFL could be interested in the tainted legacy and walking, talking disaster that is Brett Favre.

I’m bitter as hell. I’ll admit it. After last season you would be too. I’m done questioning Tannenbaum and Co., on paper it seemed like it would be a good look, but after what has transpired over the past few days, I really hope nobody in the Vikings front office is really this dumb.

I’ve been following/ignoring this story since it popped up across the bottom of my TV screen the other night. Brett Favre sending shoulder exrays to the Vikes, the Vikes interested, his agent knowing nothing about it, him rebuffing them; and with every newsflash I felt more and more sick to my stomach.

I get it, the Vikings want to explore an option other than Tavaris Jackson at QB. Evidently, old and shaky and set in his ways is better than young and learning and playing ahead of the curve. Didn’t Minnesota make the playoffs this year? Hmm, guess what QB in this party didn’t.

They looked like a good young team on the rise. Clearly this isn’t what the front office thinks, and they feel they can get “better” with a washed up, selfish, interception throwing you know what. Poor Vikings fans, if they do sign Favre, let me tell you all about what your season is going to look like.

He’s going to show up to camp, say all the right things, talk about being happy to be there and promise a better result than he had with the Jets last year. He’s going to look “decent” during the pre season and will probably play just well enough to win.

He’ll hit his stride somewhere during mid season and have all of you out talking about how he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. You might even get into first place. He’ll probably beat the Packers and the Bears-which will make you SUPER happy.

Don’t be fooled. He’s old, and before long he’ll start hurting, but will insist on playing week in and week out to preserve his streak. He’ll throw key interceptions, lose important games down the stretch, and if you’re not lucky, you’ll finish on the outside looking in, wondering why the team didn’t just stick with Tavaris Jackson.

Yeah, like I said, I’m bitter. I also don’t want to see other fans go through the hell that I did last season. So please, for the love of Pete, pray that your GM handles this situation better than mine did. If he doesn’t, be prepared for an abrupt end to what is supposed to be a “great” season.


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