Something New

50sflirtLiving in New York, where we walk the streets on a daily basis, it’s nothing to receive the typical, “Hey shorty,” (in Bed Stuy), “Good Morning, Mami,” (in Washington Heights), or “Greetings, my Princess,” (in Flatbush) by our African American or Latino brothers.  It’s just what they do.  Whether alone or with a group of friends, for some reason, they feel the need to express themselves when they see a beautiful woman walk down the street.  Sometimes it’s flattering—sometimes it’s annoying, especially when you’re not in the mood to respond and they feel the need to express themselves even further. But I digress.  I always noticed that white men, whether they thought you were beautiful or not, just did not do that.  Maybe you’ll get a smile, but for the most part, they typically keep it moving.  Until this week.

On a beautiful Monday morning, as I walked to my office, (and I must say that I looked quite dapper!), I walk past this white guy, and as I feel his eyes on me, I hear, “Wow, you’re awesome!”  Whoa! Did I just get heckled by a white guy?  This was my first.  I was so surprised that I actually turned around (a typical no-no if this was any other situation) and looked and sure enough he was still looking, smiling ear to ear.

Two days later, my friend tells me that she too experienced her first street heckle by a white guy.  His approach was a bit more aggressive.  After walking by, he blurts out, “You’re beautiful.  Can I give you my number?”  I love it!!!

Hey–I have always known white men who appreciated the beauty of women of color–street heckling just wasn’t their thing.  Are the waves starting to turn?

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