The British Ability To Back The Underdog

No doubt most people have heard of Susan Boyle — who’s currently fighting for survival in Britain’s Got Talent. Thing is… she’s an alright singer, but definitely not one of the greats. And to be honest, if she’d had the looks of Leona Lewis, or even Lily Allen — there’s no way she would have been so popular. Or had so many hits on Youtube. Or been in the semi-finals.

Why? Because Brits love an underdog.

Our TV talent shows work very differently from our American counterparts (despite the fact they all feature the same man, Simon Cowell). Anytime I catch an episode of American Idol, I marvel at how talented some of the contestants are. Here? Not so much. It’s a curious thing: the more terrible the act is, the more support they get from the British public.

Same thing happens with Strictly Come Dancing (our version of Dancing With The Stars). The more frightful the celebrity dancer, the more votes they get from the public. It some weird twisted logic we have. As if we’re fighting for those who’ve never known what it’s like to be fought for before. Or some nonsense.

A UK news presenter once said: “Never underestimate the British ability to back the underdog”. And trust me, there’s no underestimating from Mr. Simon Cowell. He knows what our voting habits are, and that’s what helps to make him a rich man. I dunno, it’s almost uncomfortable — like he’s laughing because he knows they have no real future, but will make a tonne of money off them in the meanwhile.

Simon Cowell: Shattering dreams the world over. How does that man sleep at night?!

Anyway — Shaheen Jafargholi, is the act I’m backing for Britain’s Got Talent. Far better than The Hairy-Flipping-Angel. Here he is singing And I’m Telling You, by Jennifer Hudson. He’s only 12! Amazing….

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