“Save the Drama for Your Mama” (Cause She’s the Only One Who’ll Love You if You Act Crazy)

Image and video hosting by TinyPicGood guys avoid drama like the plague. Some men are a bit stupid and don’t realize they’re getting involved with a crazy girl until it’s too late. But if they knew then what they know now… Let’s be honest, all women have it in them to go a little crazy if the right guy does the wrong thing at the wrong time. But those of you who tend to straddle the line between psycho and sane have to be careful not to scare off all of the good guys before you can lock one down. If you’ve ever vandalized a guy’s property, screamed at him in public, or waited outside his house with the crew from “Cheaters,” this list of no-no’s is for you.

Over zealous jealousy: The most common reason a woman goes mental on her man is because she suspects he’s cheating. If this is what ails you, the problem is one or both of the following: a.) you’re insecure and jealous, or b.) you’re dating an asshole. If you have actual proof that your guy has cheated on you in the past, he’s overdue for a dumping. But if your irrational jealousy has you trailing your guy with the headlights out every time he says he’s going out with the guys, or peeking in his window while disguised as shrubbery when he says he’s too tired to hang out, get a hold of yourself! Please know that you can’t force your guy to be faithful to you any more than he can force you to stop planting hidden cameras in his bedroom. Jealous behaviors, especially when they’re unwarranted, reek of Fatal Attraction. So breathe easy—it would be pretty hard to build a future with a guy who’s got a restraining order against you.

Going through your guy’s belongings: Your boyfriend’s pockets, cell phone, dresser drawers, glove compartment, etc. are all no-fly zones. Unless your guy gives you permission, you don’t have the right to invade his privacy. Maybe you’re looking for suspicious phone numbers, but all you’ll find is trouble. If you come across something fishy you’ll have to ask him about it, which will trip his crazy girl alarm. It may turn out to be nothing but there’s no going back, you’ve already violated his trust. So before you hack into your guy’s email, remember that snooping is far more trouble than it’s worth. If you want answers, just ask your guy. And if you can’t trust what he tells you, then why are you with him?

Public displays of drunken foolishness: When out with your guy, whether alone or with a group of friends, remember that he’s peeping how you carry yourself and represent for the team. Having a few drinks to loosen up usually seems like a good idea at first, but sip slowly and be sure that “loosened up” doesn’t turn into plain old loose. Dancing and having fun is all good, but drunkenly flailing about the dance floor while humping innocent party-goers is not a good look. Vomiting, crying, fighting, falling, passing out, and flashing or making out with strangers are also unacceptable. Most good guys aren’t looking to settle down with a sloppy drunk, so avoid getting plastered and loosing your composure, unless you want to risk losing your guy too.

Confronting your man in public: A common hallmark of a crazy girl is that she fights with her man in public. Whatever he did, it can’t be resolved in the middle of Best Buy. Even if your guy is flirting with a chick at the bar, screaming at him in a crowded night club will only make you look as stupid as he’ll feel. If you and your guy get into an argument, keep it private. And while we’re on the subject of fighting, please remember to keep it clean. It’s not OK to throw furniture, sharp objects, or hot grits at your man; being upset is no excuse to lose your mind. Any offense deserving of a third degree burn probably warrants a dumping anyway. So, skip the physical assaults and kick him to the curb (so to speak).

Choosing a good, trustworthy guy is as important as keeping your own deranged tendencies in check, so be sure that both sides of the scale are equally weighted. If you think it’s your guy who’s driving you mad, remember that if you stick around and let some looser turn you into a lunatic, he’ll end up leaving your crazy ass anyway.

With Love,

Hitched Chick

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