Abercrombie’s Very Faux Pas

In some unsurprising news, a 22-year old British woman named Riam Dean is suing Abercrombie & Fitch because they made her work in the stockroom because she wasn’t a semi-nude boy of her prosthetic forearm and how it didn’t fit the dress code. This is also the store that makes employees wear flip-flops as a uniform (hello, lawsuit) and had a permanent topless model standing in front of an open door at it’s 5th avenue flagship in New York City. She really thought she could get away with a cardigan?

Miss Dean, who was born with her left forearm missing and wears a prosthetic arm, said she was granted special permission to wear a cardigan to cover the join in her arm.
But she told the tribunal she was later removed from the shop floor and made to work in the stockroom because the cardigan did not adhere to the strict dress code.
Miss Dean told the tribunal she felt “taunted” when her manager told her she could return to the shop floor of the firm’s flagship store if she removed the cardigan.”

She better be glad she wasn’t told to stand in the window wearing nothing but a pair of cargos and scotch tape. Did we already forget about that Christmas Catalog? After-all, if you are spending $85 on a pair of shorts that already look ripped to shreds—you deserve a show.


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