Anita Hill on US Supreme Court Nominee Sotomayor

Remember Anita Hill? (Clarence Thomas, etc…) Well, Ms. Hill attended Yale with nominee Sonia Sotomayor and spoke to Essence about the hoopla regarding Sotomayor’s statements, her nominations and her dust-up with Clarence Thomas all these years later.
Says Hill on Sotomayor: “…I think she’s a great choice not simply because she’s a Latina. She has acknowledged that as part of her identity, in a way that I think is very responsible and wise. She has said, “This is the perspective that I come from.” But she has also said, “I understand that perspective, but I try not to allow that to lend itself to bias.” I like that kind of embracing of one’s own identity, but also self-reflection. It means she’s going to be aware of who she is and understand how that plays in her decision-making, but she is also going to be quite aware of the rule of law and have great respect for the rule of law, and be able to apply it. We are enriched in the judiciary by having both those concepts in one person, and so what some people have found troubling about her I actually find refreshingly candid and self-aware.”

Anita Hill Speaks Out on Supreme Court Nominee Sotomayor

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