Aventura-Crossing Over or Moving On?

So the New York Times (I am all over them today!) finally got around to covering some home-grown love that isn’t on Hot 97 or MTV – Aventura. Who is Aventura might you ask? Only the best thing to come out of the Bronx since hip-hop and doobie-pins! Four Bronx-bread Dominican Bachateros (singers of traditional ballad-heavy style of ‘Bachata’, that originated in the Dominican Republic) who are basically like…the shit..just about everywhere else but most of their own city. Case in point, the reporter from the ‘Times conducted the interview with their lead singer, Anthony “Romeo” Santos in Union Square-while sitting in his Land Rover-and there wasn’t a small riot. Try that in Washington Heights? Anarchy will ensue. Just ask the gazillion girls who have helped sell-out their shows at Madison Square Garden (The pelvic thrusts? Legendary). After-all, no girl wants to hear the “smack my hoes up” bravado of reggaeton and hip-hop all the time, some like it nice and medium-tempo-to-slow without having to look at Marc Anthony.

With their latest album, The Last, it looks like they are finally making an concerted effort to cross-over. While they have always recorded some some songs in English, they still stay true to their Spanish-speaking roots, but with appearances by Wisin y Yandel (and their arched eyebrows), Wyclef, Akon and Ludacris, this could be their chance to piece the veil of mainstream success. It is also their last album on their music label, leading others to speculate about solo-projects, etc. So is The Last really the last? Maybe. Let’s see if they make it to mainstream MTV first.

Read the Article HERE.

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