Bye Bye Max Factor

I am sitting here, verklempt and unkept. It’s not the rain that won’t stop here in NYC, nor the pimple that will not stop threatening to ruin my weekend, no it’s much worse. Max Factor cosmetics won’t be available in the US after this year. After struggling to compete in the North American market, Proctor & Gamble (the big honcho behind the brand) decided to play where they are truly the big fish, to include the U.K., and Russia. So why do I care? Since I made a conscious effort to cut my spending, I migrated to drugstore cosmetic brands and found that most were better than my department store faves by Dior and Chanel. I tried a few and loved Max Factor’s Lash Lift, and suddenly I couldn’t find it anywhere since P&G has been pulling Max Factor from store shelves over the past year! Just don’t mess with my Maybelline Define-A-Lash (my replacement) and we are all good.

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