CSS….Naida Mais?

So while having dinner recently with a good friend and DJ visiting from Sao Paulo, Brasil, I was given some sad news…apparently, CSS aka Cansei de Ser Sexy (Tired of Being Sexy) has, or probably will, call it quits this year. Seems they are all just “over it” and have different opinions on what the future of the band should be. My source is pretty close to the band and grew up with Adriano, the lone guy in the group. Am I super late to the party? They are one of my fav things to come out of SP since Chie Mihara.

Booo! I still haven’t seen Lovefoxxx, their lead singer, live yet! She is of catsuit legend! Oh well, we still have their two albums, Cansei de Ser Sexy & Donkey to console ourselves with! Peep some of their vids and live performances:

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